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Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Bit About Lauren

Ahhh, Lauren. She makes my heart smile. She is engaged to my 'Shua and is soon to be my 'daughter in love' ...and I can't wait! When people ask me if I like Lauren and if she's a good match for 'Shua, I always have the same reply, "I adore her and if I could hand pick the wife for Joshua out of a million girls, I'd pick Lauren every time...she's just right for him!" She has a heart not only for people, but for God. After spending a week in Memphis with her as my bunk mate, I really got to see her heart in action. She is tender, compassionate, loving, gentle and kind, but had just a touch of spunk and sass to her, too. ; ) She's a mite stubborn, which will help her in being 'Shua wife, since I have often accused him of being a mule...LOL! She loves children, the elderly and the infirmed and is studying to be a nurse so she can help people all the time. She is a twin and has an older sister and bro in law with a baby so she is an auntie, too. My kids absolutely love her, in fact, Joshua didn't want to bring her over for a while because he didn't want to have to share the attention....Oh my, I had almost forgotten about that!! She tends to break easily so we are all protective of her, which she hates, but we just don't want her to get hurt. She loves to sing and laugh and play, write, study and take pictures. She is a great friend, a trustworthy confidante and a growing Christian. Like I said, she makes my heart smile...that's my Lauren! I love you, sweet girl!
Mama K

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