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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Best Friend Liz

Oh, this one is gonna be so fun! My best friend is named Elizabeth, and she is the best gal pal a girl could ask for! We met under difficult circumstances for both of us...me from a terrible break up and her going though some serious private issues. How we ever became friends is beyond me, I just call it a God thing! We had so much fun 'growing up' together, even though when we met I was already 18. She introduced me to the concept of sneaking out my bedroom window (relax Mom, I never did!) and I taught her how to drive a stick shift. She taught me how to be less timid and I taught her how to temper her feelings about things with tact. She taught me how to stand up for myself and I reminded her that it's OK to let people walk on you...for the right reasons. We did all sorts of stupid things together, like getting a flat tire on the WRONG side of Chicago, in the pouring rain, with no spare and 3 babies in the car. Like putting 7 large people in a car that should have only really held about 4.27 small ones...LOL! Like road trips with no real planning involved, just get in the car north of Chicago and drive to Mississippi, no big deal right??? Like going camping when we are indoor people. We also have so many shared hobbies...like singing, scrap booking, kids, cooking, music and being voracious readers...although I like historical fiction and she likes mysteries and thrillers. We love to go get a cup of coffee and slice of pie at the Baker's Square and discuss our lives. We have been together through trials, tribulations, joys and sorrows. She held my hand as I had a miscarriage...how many friends will do that?? As we've grown and matured, our relationship has deepened, instead of talking about boys and which one is cuter, we talk about babies, teenagers, health problems, hubbies and bills, etc. But we also discuss what God is doing in our lives, what He is teaching us and what areas He is growing us in...in spite of ourselves. I'm so incredibly blessed to have a best friend that shares my faith and reminds me of it when I forget, or lose my way. Her father once said that the most loving thing a person can do is point someone back to the cross...and that is sooooo true! Oy, this is all over the map, but that is par for the course with us...LOL! She is compassionate, has a deep love of teenagers, FUNNY, practical, moody, makes great spaghetti sauce from scratch, loves her family fiercely, manages the local KFC and wins awards for it, is super creative and LOYAL to the core. I admire her "intestinal fortitude" as I call it...she can give and give and give of herself and just when I think she must have been wrung dry by the constant giving of herself to others, she just keeps on giving. I am one grateful recipient of that giving...my life is richly blessed by her presence in my life. Now that I live here in the wilds of NW, we can't do the grocery shopping in the middle of the night together anymore, but we still find ways to stay close despite the miles. I love you Squeeks! Don't ever change!


PS. I heard "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" the other day...I miss you!! LOL!


The Ruoss Crew said...

That's my sis...ain't she grand?! God has given her a special measure of grace to be able to deal with the difficulties of her life. Had I been in her shoes, I would have handled things differently and would have royally messed things up. It's a good thing for her we are polar opposites!

The Man Crew said...

That is true for me as well...God knows what He is doing after all, what a concept...hee hee! Miss you!!

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