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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dennis and Beccy Winn

Well, I could write a novel about these two wonderful people! They sort of wandered into our lives many, many years ago as a VERY poor, barely out of college couple that needed a place to work on their car, so Dad offered his garage. Mom quickly realized that they were buying car parts with their grocery money and fed them...and the rest is history. ; ) They were at that great age when they were old enough to be friends of our parents and yet young enough to still seem cool to us kids...LOL! They lived not that far from us and we spent almost as many hours at their house as they did at ours...they both lived away from their families, so we became their new family. I remember being in utter AWE of them as they seemed to know just about everything! I'm sure our parents got REALLY tired of hearing..."But Dennis and Beccy said......." Dennis was always fun to have around, loves to laugh and yet has a very sensitive heart for people. Beccy knew where to go looking for a bargain, run the church office, burp the baby, make dinner and still be playing a board game with us all without getting edgy or flustered....oh the time I've wasted trying to be her...(don't tell, OK??) LOL! They have 3 lovely boys, Jonathan, James and Jordan, all who are brainiacs like their parents, well mannered, (not sure where THAT came from) and love the Lord. Can parents ask for anything more?? Beccy introduced us to the crunchy notion of home birth and cloth diapers and I am glad that I was exposed to that at a young age. Watching them cling to each other and to the Lord after the death of their first baby was a lesson I won't ever forget. Goodness, we used to love to watch them bicker over answers for Trivial Pursuit..they used to challenge the answers on he back of the card...LOL! My favorite childhood vacation was with them, going to visit the St. Louis arch, going to their parents house, riding the inner tube behind the boat...good times with great friends! MANY happy hours were spent at Great America when Beccy would take us while Mom was working, wonderful memories of 'helping' them decorate their Christmas trees, paint the house, whatever they were doing, we wanted to be doing it too. We were BLESSED to call them friends, and to have their influence in our lives...and for that, I'm grateful!
D and B, I miss you guys soo much! Hope our lives cross paths again soon!

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