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Monday, February 9, 2009

Jim and Carlye

Jim and Carlye Rhyne are members of our "home church" and are wonderful, wonderful people. They work with the youth group, are on most committees in the church, are always helping others, and are lots of fun to boot! When our young couples group was meeting, I always looked so forward to whatever wild tale Jim would be telling and hope I could sneak a peek at Carlye in time to catch her rolling her eyes...LOL! Jim is several years older than Carlye and is as talkative and gregarious as she is shy and quiet....in fact, I bet my parents were lots like them in the early days of their marriage. The had a baby last year that they named Haley and she is the prettiest little thing ever! So quiet and sober...always watching to see what is going on. Oh, how I miss those little cheeks! Anywho, they are encouraging, FUN, and true servants of the Lord and I'm blessed to know them and count them as friends. They care for the church body in a way that most people have forgotten how to do....selflessly. OK, favorite Jim story...LOL! You're gonna love this! At one of our young couples get togethers...we were doing what we always did, trying to one-up each other with stories of the stupid stuff we did in our younger days...and during this particular session Jim won with this story...Once upon a time, when he was young and (apparently very) foolish, he was speeding and got pulled over and as the cop is handing him a ticket, he asked Jim, "What were you doing going 103 miles an hour, anyway??" To which Jim ever so politiely replied, "Slowing down!" LOL! He is a great story teller so it doesn't really jump off the page like it should, but I just LOVE that story...LOL! ::Giggles::

Jim and Carlye, I miss our friendship and the laughs. Can't wait to see you this summer!



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