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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pat is a Flipper!

Pat is our middlest of middle children...hee hee! He is 10, wild, loud and crazy, and a handful. I've always said that Pat was born to keep me humble about my parenting skills and BOY is he good at it...LOL! Actually, he is getting so mature that it blows me away some days. ANYWAY, Pat is great on the trampoline and getting better all the time. At the end, I'll add a video of his newest trick, those of you with weak constitutions should look away...ha ha! Pat is thriving at home, learning so much and starting to show a real interest in big cats. He just reads and reads and reads about them. He got a big cat National Geographic movie for his birthday and loves to watch it. We call him the "Baby Whisperer" because Titus loves him best of all the boys. He LOVES to take care of him...feeds him, carries him around all the time, and will even change cloth diapers. Pretty impressive if you ask me! Pat is also becoming quite the baker...his peanut butter kiss cookies are WAY better than mine and Thursday he made a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies that were delicious with no supervision at all. WOW! He loves to be in the kitchen, in the garage and outside...just not at his desk. But the beauty of homeschool is that school can go to those places, and he can still learn. Ha, we were laughing the other day about math being everywhere...he was working on some of his math skills while playing darts with Dan...LOL! Well, it's time for that video....check him out...quite the Flipper...that's a back flip with FULL twist...ZOIKS!! Where did he learn THAT?? Way to go, Pat!!
Love, Mama ; )

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