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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Marvelous Miss Sue and her Wonderful Hubby, Bro John

Miss Sue is about the greatest thing ever. She is the illustrious Bro John's wife, proud parent of my two best friends and one darling ex-boyfriend...LOL! She was mothered me when I wasn't allowing my own mother to do so, called me one of her own and helped me grow up. She has led first and foremost by example, secondly by guiding me to the Bible and a far third, with words. She is a fantastic pastor's wife...knowing when to speak up and when to hush up, working diligently by her hubby's side and sometimes in his absence, serves on the women's committees and fearlessly leads the troublesome 4-6 grade boys in AWANAs. ; ) When I would wander into church, scared and alone...seeing her on the 3rd row, right hand side, made everything feel alright, the world was NOT going to end in the next 5 minutes. When I stomped into church so mad at the way my life was going, seeing her there in the 3rd row, right hand side reminded me that there WERE still things that were stable and good in my life, and when I skipped in with good news to share, there she was...3rd row, right hand side...ready to rejoice with news of a new baby, cancer beaten back, or marriages put back together. And in all of these situations...she was ready with a smile, a perfectly spoken word and a hug as big and as tight as a bear. Ah, yes...the perfectly marvelous Miss Sue!

Here is something I wrote about Bro John a while back...it still suits...even though it was written for his b-day party in April of last year.

Right now I wish I was in IL with all of you at Bro John's 60th birthday party. I've been trying to formulate a letter to have put in his scrapbook, but the words fail me...and we all know how often that happens! How do you say thank you to a man that has been such a huge influence in your life? How do you find the words to tell him how you feel about the impact he has made? John Hover has been a rock in my life for over 16 years now. He's been my pastor, a mentor, a confidante, a big brother, a father, a marriage counsellor and most of all a friend to me. I've been best friends with his daughter(s), thought about marrying his son, worked for him, with him and around him. He has taken me places, helped me accomplish things I didn't know I could do, given me responsibility I didn't know I could handle and then praised me when I did well. He's laughed at me, near me and with me. He's scolded, harangued and harassed me when my attitude was out of line. Remember that he's know me since I was 18...I've grown up a bit since then, I hope! He has brought me into his family as a full fledged daughter, even thought we all laugh and say that I must be the milkman's daughter since I was born while he was in jail. Anyway, I suppose suffice it to say that I adore him and wish him the happiest birthday ever and may this year be his best yet. Bro John, I love you!

Your littlest one,


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