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Friday, February 13, 2009

David is a Gem!

Well, some people wouldn't be that grateful for their kids being around and underfoot all the time, but I am. My kids ROCK! David is my 11 year old and he is super cool! He LOVES all things Pokemon, video game and sports related. He is born on a special day, too. He was born on the one year anniversary of his Uncle David's tragic death in an on the job accident. So even though it started as a bad, sad day, it's now a happy day each year. He LOVES to play outside and especially on his bike or on the trampoline. He and the neighborhood boys could happily spend all day just riding up and down the street. He is a dare devil and will try just about anything someone can think up...which has caused a few gray hairs on my head. ; ) He is loving, affectionate and sensitive also. His wife is gonna be so blessed! He is already eating like a teenager and is in the middle of a growth spurt which means its a good thing I get a discount at Kohl's since he needs new pants again...hee hee. He is enjoying the lap book project we are working on about historic inventors and wrote a 6 page paper about his invention, some super-duper mixed handheld super computer/video game doodad. Yes, 6! He also is a great helper with the little ones, Derek and T just adore him and James would happily follow him around all day. He is in the 6th grade this year and doing well. Life is David is usually sunny, as he is cooperative and easy to get along with. I just adore having him around all day!

Love you, son!


1 comment:

The Ruoss Crew said...

Oh, my word! He looks SO grown up in that picture!

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