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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Charlie~ AKA my man, Charlie

OK, not the BEST pic of him ever, BUT in case you can't read the shirt, it wasys, "I'm not TRYING to be difficult, it comes naturally"....and that is just SOOO Charlie! LOL

For whatever the reason, that's what my dad calls him...it's not just plain Charlie, it's My Man Charlie...LOL! I admire the sentiment behind that. I have really developed an affection for Charlie since we moved here. Devin's mom passed away just a few hours after Devin was born and Charlie has raised him alone and that boy is sweet, well mannered, kind and thoughtful. Takes a good man to raise a boy like that. He's honest about the mistakes he's made in his life, tells a great Carl story (LOL) and plays a mean hand of cards....Oh my gravy, I'm making myself laugh! He came over a cooked my birthday dinner so that I could have the day off from kitchen duty, that's a great man right there!! As with most people that I"m thankful for, he is FUNNY, loyal and someone you can depend on in a pinch. He and Dan are great buddies and the boys just adore him and get so excited when he is coming over...when they hear the motorcycle roaring from about 3 blocks away, they are all outside waiting when he pulls up...LOL! Charlie, no disrespect meant, but I"m trying to catch up so yours is a bit shorter than some...I hope you still love me...LOL


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Karen Balding said...

I'm sure he won't mind that you wrote a little less than on some-in fact, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you didn't write about him at all. That's just Charlie. You are SO RIGHT about Devin, and he has ALWAYS been easy. Charlie and I have been friends for-count 'em-35 years and he's always been all you've said and more. I think the world of him, too. Love, Karen

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