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Friday, February 13, 2009

Catch up Time Again

My goodness, has ANOTHER week flown right on by?? Wow, I'm so not ready to be done with this week and at the same time, I'm relieved it's over, does that make sense? It's been another long, somewhat stressful week...you know, school getting derailed several times due to interruptions, my very first (and thankfully, really short) migraine, my house is trashed, anxiously awaiting results from the Dr, and having to have a difficult and humbling chat with Jodi that involved ME admitting I needed a bit of help here and there...don't die of shock...yes, I KRISTY, asked for help. **GASP** On the other hand, several things went really, really well this week...Karen and I had TWO coffee and chat mornings this week, Dolli and John bought a house in Cali that is LOVELY, my chat with Jodi went very well, I officially became UBER~crunchy (ask if you want to know,) my bread baking skills have survived the test of a month's time and the boys are still asking for it daily and Dan brags about it at work, I am really enjoying the pastor's sermon series on the New Testament's Double Dog Dare about living the radical Christian life, I got my book in the mail "Managers of Their Homes" a book series designed specifically for the Christian homeschooling family, and Dan and I had a fun evening last night, just catching up with one another and goofing off. Ahh, life is good! I am sooo enjoying doing my daily blogging about people that I'm grateful to have in my life. Pat got a turtle, in case you missed that short update, and it driving me crazy trying to drag it out 83 times a day. Anywho, all in all, life is full and busy, but wonderful. On Monday, I go back to the Dr to see what's going on inside of my wacky body...LOL! School will resume after this short break, Dan is doing a small side job this weekend in exchange for a HUGE fish tank, and life goes on. Anywho, many things to look forward to, Alec's visit at the end of the month, Dan's b-day, Mom and Lily's b-day, a visit with EK and Linda, and hopefully soon a visit from Kelly...yeah!! Thanks for stopping by to catch up with us MeYeR's again this week. Ta Ta For Now!

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