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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jodi Bug

Jodi, Jodi, Jodi...where to start?? Well, about 31 years ago now, my parents introduced me to this strange little wrinkled creature and said these life altering words..."Come and look at your new baby sister." LOL! And there hasn't been a dull moment since! Life with Jodi is fun because she likes to have fun, make new friends and have great adventures. She loves to laugh, to sing and to be silly. She lives with us these days and although it isn't perfect, it does suit both of our needs. She gets free childcare from me, and she gets free headaches from my boys. I get another girl in the house and I also get two more boys to play with, clean up after and run around with....and to get headaches from, too...LOL! We have already decided that in our 'new' house...(note: this house only is real in our heads)...we will have a scrap room, a sewing room, a girl room, a computer room and a office...and all of these will be BOY-FREE zones...hee hee! She is directing the local preschool and LOVING it...nobody organizes and delegates like Jodi. Now, if she could just get Lupe (the owner) to quit hovering over her and micro-managing...*sigh*. Anywho, Jodi is probably the most musically talented one of us...she got Mom's voice and Dad's rhythm, so music and the arts are her thing. Not sure if she shared this on her blog yet, but if she didn't, act surprised when she does...but she won a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) award for The Dark Knight. It's SSSOOOO cool! She really seems to like it here, she loves the warm weather and has even taken off her coat several times...hee hee. Anywho, my life was irrevocably altered on that day so long ago...but it's good thing! Love ya, Jo!


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Karen Balding said...

HOORAY for Jodi on the SAG Award. She's everything you said, and more. It's SOOOO great having two of my sisters and FIVE nephews living right here in LC. I really am enjoying you all. Love, Karen

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