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Monday, March 2, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY ... March 2nd, 2009 (phew, time is FLYING this year!!)

Outside my window...the dogs are gallivanting under a clear blue sky and the warm breeze brings us 65 degree temps....*Sigh*

I am thinking...that home is the best place ever, even though I do enjoy travelling

I am thankful for...my own cooking, clean clothes and fresh bread...did I mention I was glad to be home again??

From the learning rooms...no school this week as we have visitors, but we are still listening to Grma read Masterpiece on tape, and have a DVD about the Amish lifestyle for this afternoon's school hours

From the kitchen...real food, thank you , JESUS!

I am wearing...workout clothes because God help me, I WILL workout today...too many days of not enough activity are driving me batty

I am creating...nothing since my brain feels like goo right now...not enough nutrients or water in the past few days...LOL

I am going...nowhere for the next few days...and I'm SOO glad about that!

I am reading...Curriculum booklets, Musclehead Revolutions, the New Testament in 90 days and Managers of Their Homes (trying to get that schedule implemented this week..cross your fingers ; ) )

I am hoping...to find myself thinner, healthier and more fun in the next few months

I am hearing...a movie playing since I'm allowing the kids to lay in front of the TV, the dryer going to finish up our vacation clothes and the Dishwasher whirring away at cleaning our few dishes from last night...isn't technology grand??

Around the house...not much cleaning since Jodi cleaned while we were gone, so just some picking up and managing not to make more messes...LOL! I've already balanced the checkbook, done bunches of laundry, dishes and picking up, chatted with my Mom, uploaded the vacay pics, and caught up on my e-mail and such...phew!

One of my favorite things...HOME!! Especially after a vacation.

A few plans for the rest of the week...as little as possible, I want to visit with Alec before he heads home! Also game night, one night of work, and all the regular stuff minus school.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... This is from our vacay this weekend. Sundown at the City of Rocks...Ain't God the BEST artist???

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