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Monday, March 2, 2009

More Thankfulness

Dear readers from wherever,

Thanks for following along with me as I've travelled down memory lane this past month, dug through some of my old history and recent life to be grateful for the people God has placed in my life. I've found old friends, rememberd some that I nearly forgot, found ways to be grateful for my failed attempts at relationships and even laughed at some of my own stupidity...LOL! Oy, that's what happens when ya start digging in the sands of time, right? Anywho, as I was gone over the weekend, I didn't have a chance to complete my own challenge...so I want to finish that now, if you don't mind. I'll start with my visit with EK and Linda and keep the last one for a surprise!

*EK and Linda~OH my, what FUN we had this weekend with them! How many friends do YOU have that rould drive 3 hours just to have lunch with you?? They drove from Tucson and we drove from Las Cruces....had lunch together, caught up with each other and played several rowdy sets of Dominoes...Good TIMES! We even found time to browse the downtown shops of Willcox, AZ, see the Rex Allen museum and get our picture taken where Warren Earp was shot...a busy day indeed! They filled us in on all of our friends from our home church in IL and we just laughed and carried on like old times! Ah, God is sooo good to suppply us with such great friends! So, we are extra thankful for them this weekend! Here are a few pics from that great trip!

OK and now for the lat one....drum roll please...............

***Dan, I know, he got top billing this month already a few times with being the first on the list and having a b-day, but he's my most favorite husband, best dad, great travelling companion and super Monkey, ever! We had SUCH a great time on our vacation this weekend...he is a trooper, doing all the driving, wrangling kids and still making time for lil' old me! He swerved around tumbleweeds to make the kids laugh, didn't get frustrated byt the long hours behind the wheel and even was kind enough to allow us to eat out after our return so the vacation feeling would last! Is he great or what?? He helped Derek climb the huge rocks at the City of Rocks state park, played dominoes with EK and Linda, fixed the DVD player so the kids could watch movies, reminded me a time or two that it was a vacation for the kids too, so they could have a bit more candy, took the day off so we could go at all, and then took the kids to the park on Sunday so I could enjoy a few minutes of quiet...seriously...he ROCKS! Anywho...all in all, he's a great guy and I'm sooo glad that he picked me! Well, I chased him until he caught me, but that's another story...LOL!

Thanks again for reading this from wherever you are....give yourselves a big hug or a high five from us out here in the wilds of NM....



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The Ruoss Crew said...

Aren't you glad you stuck it out and didn't listen to all the pesky friends who told you to hang it up when things got tough? Now you can appreciate why I brag on my guy so much. Living through the tough makes them that much more special.

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