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Monday, March 2, 2009

Travel Tales with Pics to boot!

Hello and greetings from sunny New Mexico! Dan and I took the boys on a mini-vacation this weekend. Gone less than 36 hours but BOY did we shove it full of activities! We headed out about 8 am from home, hit up McDees for breakfast and headed on down the road to Willcox, AZ to meet up with EK and Linda. Once we got there, we all had lunch at the local KFC and then wandered down to the historic district where we toured the incredibly boring Rex Allen Museum...LOL! Then we spent a few happy hours browsing up and down the quaint main street with it's shops and boutiques. Pat got to have his picture taken where Warren Earp was shot..so exciting! Then we checked into our hotel while EK and Linda took care of a package they had in the car...we settled in and the boys went swimming while we awaited their return...then we played several rounds of domino's while enjoying each others company. After they headed out, we went to dinner in an old train car that had been turned into a BBQ restaurant. YUMMY! Then we all enjoyed our cozy beds for the night and slept in...err, at least Dan and I did...hee hee! After enjoying a sumptuous FREE breakfast, we slowly checked out of the hotel and headed out again...in hope of finding the Ft Bowie site to explore. Well, 50 miles later, we gave up and turned around...LOL! We were going to head to City of Rocks State Park but found Silver City on the way and spent several hours there touring MORE boring museums and shopping in fun little shops up and down their main street. The boys were really getting anxious about City of Rocks so we loaded up again and picked up McDees on the way out of town and arrived at the Park with about an hour to climb before sunset...then we packed up one last time and headed home...tired, full, worn out and ready to see home once again. As the lights of Las Cruces came into sight, Dan and I both sighed and said, "Look, boys, it's home!" As far as we travel and as long as we're gone..there's still no place quite like home!! *sigh!!* A few pictures to supplement our happy adventures and we're done! Thanks for reading!!
Much Love,
Kristy and the Man Crew

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