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Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick Catch up

Just a few notes about this week. Of course, the highlight of highlights was our little min-vacay, but other highlights included Alec's arrival on Tuesday evening, and Dan's birthday on Wednesday. We had a party for Dan, of course and fun was had by all as it was also game night, Alec has enjoyed a cold since he got here (poor thing) and glory of glories, when we got home on Saturday night, Jodi had cleaned the whole house...YEAH! Just a pic or two and I'll catch up again next week...gotta run! Company to enjoy, hubby coming home soon, dinner to make and boys to wrangle...LOL! Have I ever mentioned that life isn't dull around here?? LOL!Alec is raking in the chips at dominos, and Dan is enjoying his cake...yeah!Dan laughing at his card with the name Hercules on it...LOL!

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