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Thursday, April 23, 2015

NO Pants April 2015: Day 23

We're in the final stretch people! How are you doing on No Pants April 2015? Don't forget to check in over at And Then There Were None, where my friend Kiter is blogging about her NPA 2015 styles :)

Outfit: Burnt orange wrap skirt with uneven hemline (SO LOVING this skirt) and a white tee with a floral print on it. Brown flats complete the outfit and it is so comfy, it's practically like wearing pjs all day, but looking way better.
OK, so I am thinking I need a different top for this outfit. I'll keep looking.
Make up: BB cream, lip balm and a light sweep of mascara. I'm thinking this is my fave look/feel. It improves my look, making me look polished and put together, while still not feeling like wearing a full face of make up. I love compromise.

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