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Saturday, April 18, 2015

NO Pants April 2015: Day 18

This is probably my favorite new skirt. It's just amazing. I've always loved long-Long-LONG skirts, with beading and pretty patterns, but until I emerged from 20 years of playing with toddlers in the dirt, I could really indulge that love affair. But now that my own kiddos are biggie boys, and Little Miss is old enough to not need to be carried much anymore, I can purchase things like that. And so I did!
Outfit: Long 2 tone green and gold 'gypsy' skirt with brown knit shirt, brown flats and gold hoop earrings.

Make up: Keeping it simple again, BB Cream, lipstick, mascara and a sweep of light shadow.

The original kind of  *selfie*

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