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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NO Pants April 2015: Day 14

HI Friends, another beautiful day of skirt wearing in paradise :) Join us if you like. Kiter can be found blogging about No Pants April on her blog, And Then There Were None.  I am going out to breakfast with a friend, so I wanted to look extra good today.

Outfit: Blue and Yellow printed long Crinkle skirt, navy t-shirt and brown flats. I also wore 3 beaded bracelets, pearl and silver heart drop earrings, AND a necklace. I never wear necklaces, too many years among the little ones that pull on them, I suppose. :)

Make up: A FULL face worth: BB Cream, 3 shades of shadow plus liner and heavy mascara (I regretted that decision) and brownish pink lipstick.

I can't find my up close pic on the camera. I'll update when I (hopefully) find one on my phone or Kindle. Sorry.

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