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Saturday, June 10, 2017

#100HappyDays: Day 12

Day 12: I spent a few hours at the new job working on that master book list again. With Jodi away for a few weeks and the office officially closed, I can set my own hours for a while. I can live with that. The boys and Dan were all busy so no one was missing me right then, so I used the time to earn a few more dollars to tuck away for a later summer adventure. Sounds good to me!
In other news, any excuse to eat next door at Enrique's is a good excuse. LOL!
Starting the Master Book List: EVERY Thomas the Tank Engine book ever written.
If you like this challenge, head over to www.100happydays.com to sign up. You can choose a start date, your favorite photo posting platform and even a custom hashtag if you want to be more original. Do it, you might just decide you love it.

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