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Thursday, June 8, 2017

#100HappyDays: Day 10

Day 10: My first day on the job with Learn For a Lifetime! Hello better hours, helping children, reading tons of books and getting paid to make lists! Today I started a master list of the books in our lending library, which I realized quickly was going to take me a kajillion times longer than I had anticipated, give or a take a millennia. But a job that allows/encourages you to take a break from the "work" to play a game with this sweet little face is the kind of job I want in my life.
SO, can you Guess Who?
Mr. T joined me for a game of Guess Who
If you like this challenge, head over to www.100happydays.com to sign up. You can choose a start date, your favorite photo posting platform and even a custom hashtag if you want to be more original. Do it, you might just decide you love it.

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