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Friday, November 11, 2016

November Thankfulness: Day 11

I love Autumn!
I'm working on Gratitude this month. Seems reasonable with Thanksgiving just around the corner. (Where did this year go?) I want to post a little something each day that I'm enjoying right now.

Day 11:
     Veteran's Day. Bless all you who have served or are serving in our military, and those of you left behind while they serve.
     A day off, courtesy of BossMan who works for the gov't. I SO needed a day off. No rushing around. No schedule to be forever hurrying to meet. No alarms going off over 37 minutes to keep up on task. None of that. Praise the Lord. James went off to school, and the little boys and I spent the morning playing games, working on school, lounging and laughing. BEST. MEDICINE. EVER. The afternoon brought more school, some laundry, some more games and some more laughter. Music was enjoyed, fresh air was enjoyed, laundry was flipped and restarted and prep for Game Night was accomplished before the guests arrived. (whoever heard of such a thing?)
Jodi got home safely from Chicago, Game Night was fun, I had the first reasonable discussion about politics since the election on Tuesday, and I still got to bed at a reasonable hour.
Hooray for a day off!

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