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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Stay-cation day 8: July 5, 2014

Stay-cation Day 8: Sweet, sweet Saturday! Worked at the gym, took the kiddos hither and yon, and then packed up for an evening of dirt track racing and fireworks at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. David spent his own money to take us to the track, since we all wanted to go so badly. Isn't he sweet?
As an aside, I've officially become a sentimental old sap. As the fireworks light up the sky and the music played in the background, I will admit to wiping away more than one patriotic inspired tear. *sigh* (Dan took most of the photos of fireworks with his phone. Once I get them from him, I will add some to this post)
— feeling even MORE Patriotic today

He falls alseep EVERY year. How does he do that?

Evidence of an evening well spent. ;)

This face. I love him!

*I'm on vacay from work for the next 2 weeks while BossMan and the rest of the B-Bunch travel for school reunions, to visit family and to take a break from the hectic schedule they normally enjoy. I'll be taking care of the house and critters in their absence and intend to remember how to relax a bit along the way. Join me :)

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