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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stay-cation day 4: July 1, 2014

 Stay-cation day 4: House/critter sitting at the B-Bunch House, got the tire fixed, played games with DT, did the grocery shopping, another tasty crock pot meal was prepared, finished my crafty project from yesterday, picked up books from the library for our Independence Day Lap-books, and some for Mama K to read while relaxing, enjoyed a rain shower, cancelled Sister-Girl Night and made up with Dan. Hard to complain about a day like that.
Good reads
Learning about Liberty


Rain! My wipes shredded when I tried to use them. Surely this only happens in the desert. LOL!

Paper City is finished and ready to be enjoyed!
DT and his stuffed dog named Wool

*I'm on vacay from work for the next 2 weeks while BossMan and the rest of the B-Bunch travel for school reunions, to visit family and to take a break from the hectic schedule they normally enjoy. I'll be taking care of the house and critters in their absence and intend to remember how to relax a bit along the way. Join me :)

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