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Friday, July 4, 2014

Stay-Cation: Day 7 July 4, 2015

Stay-cation Day 7: Today is INDEPENDENCE DAY for America! I took care of the B-Bunch critters, picked up some last minute items at the store, and then hosted a gathering at The Man Crew House. Good times. We did our own little fireworks, courtesy of David. Thanks to everyone who came and made our day so pleasant. To everyone who missed it, we missed you! — feeling patriotic 
Karen and Charlie share a laugh while the Man Crew tries desperately to get the fireworks started.


DT is still a bit too young to shoot fireworks. He's not happy about that. He'll thank me later when he still has all his fingers. I hope.

Dan, David and Eric work furiously to get everything going.

These were fun, but a bit intimidating.

*I'm on vacay from work for the next 2 weeks while BossMan and the rest of the B-Bunch travel for school reunions, to visit family and to take a break from the hectic schedule they normally enjoy. I'll be taking care of the house and critters in their absence and intend to remember how to relax a bit along the way. Join me :)

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