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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday David!

I know, I'm crazy late, but David turned 14 October 3rd, the same day that Mambo had hop replacement surgery. We skipped school, rested after camping and just hung out together as a family. Friday Game Night was our actual celebration of his birthday and we let the good times roll! Mama made graham cracker cake, friends joined us and David brought a few extras home from the gym. We had a ball!! He received some very thoughtful gifts and has enjoyed them all. The money he has been saving for this weekend at the Renaissance Festival at Young Park, he wants to buy a sword (oh my heavens!) Just a few pics as he's getting "too old" for birthday silliness. *sigh* He's my boy, not into the pomp and circumstances, and is much more concerned that everyone else has a good time. And we did! Happy Birthday Son!

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