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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Into Reading Question #5

What about you? Are you dedicated to reading every word (even the boring ones)? Or have you been known to skim over some passages?
Ummm, may I please plead the 5th on this one? As a parent, and especially as a teacher that insists my students read every last word, even the super boring parts, I want to say that of course I read every last word, including the dedication, the appendix and the table of contents. However, that would not be truth, and truth is more important that skimming over a few paragraphs, right? RIGHT. So, in honesty, I have to say that sometimes if the writer goes off on a tangent, or starts describing the scenery in flowery terms or worse yet, if it's a historical fiction book and they spend 3 pages setting the scene for a gory war battle, I skip that and move on in a hurry. Generally speaking though, I plod through even that, lest I miss some tidbit that might be relevant later. : ) Another great question!
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