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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Screen Free Week: Mid-Week Update

I miss FaceBook and Netflix, and I never want to play a board game ever again. The end. I hate all the games we own, all the games I have ever played and all the games I've never even heard of. Who thought this stupid idea up anyway to go a week without screens? 
Derek is faring much better than I am. Sad, and OH-SO-HUMBLING to admit, but true nonetheless. *le sigh* 

In all actuality, it's going quite well. DT and I are having a ball playing games together, being outside more and not always saying that we don't have time for this or that. The house is clean, the boy is getting to bed on time, and we are having real conversations with eye contact! But I am realizing how much time we both spend enjoying our screens and zoning out the rest of the world. I ALMOST had time to be bored today. *gulp* Time for some changes around here. Starting with me. *ahem*

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