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Monday, May 1, 2017

Goodbye No Pants April, Hello Screen Free Week

     Goodbye, No Pants April! I hugged my favorite jeans with glee this morning like a long lost friend before slipping them right on quick as greased lightning. I put on my 'Its the Little Things' tee shirt, and felt like myself again, albeit a less fancy version of myself than I've been sharing lately. For me, the best part about the end of NPA is not having to take my own picture eleventy billion times every day so I can share a collage of my happy NPA-ness. LOL! The bad part is that while I feel like myself again once NPA is over, I feel like the sloppy twin of my pretty self from NPA. Like the twin with acne, frizzy hair and braces...ha! Well, perhaps not quite that bad. But somewhere between glee over wearing my jeans again and awkward feelings about the less than stellar appearance I knew I was sporting is real life, so I just got over my insecurities about not looking presentable *enough* and went to work. And life went on. So, No Pants April, I bid you a fond farewell for the year, and promise to don a skirt more often than just for Sundays at church.
    Out with the old and in with the new, right? Right on the heels of NPA comes Screen Free Week, which I think helps break the addiction after being so obsessed with screens during NPA. So, DT and I began our sojourn into SFW this morning. DT is none too pleased with this development and isn't afraid to let me know that it stinks that he's the only one that has to do it with me these days. (Poor guy) We've played what feels like 103, 972 games today, although it was probably only 5. There was MUCH whining about the unfairness of life and how BORING life with no screens is, and DT didn't fare much better. I will admit to struggling with wanting to check FB, my bank account, eBay and Amazon a dozen times today. OK, two dozen. *Ahem* It's embarrassing to realize (and admit) how addicted even I am to screens, the self-professed Luddite. *Ahem again* At any rate, from now to Sunday, DT and I will be screen free, except for educational things for DT, and email/blogging/online book club for me. I'm trying to limit my texting as well, but sometimes it's a necessity.

     In our game time today, DT and I tried a new game called Forbidden Island, where you work as a team to collect the treasures and escape before the island sinks. It was pretty fun and we are glad we borrowed it from the B-Bunch. We also ran a few errands that I keep putting off, and also had a pleasant breakfast out with P at Cracker Barrel. Overall, despite a few bumps, it was a pretty good day. And that's always a good thing.
     I'll keep you posted on our progress throughout the week, but only after DT is in bed, lest I get the stink eye about using screens. 😊

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