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Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Games at the Man Crew House

I purchased two new games for the Game Night tables this week.

First up is Pandemic, in which you play as a team to save the world from 4 illnesses that are trying to kill of all the humans. It is super fun and takes quite a bit of strategy and cooperation to save the world. Lots of  moving parts, but overall, quite simple to learn...but it takes a while to master. Several options for your role to be in the game keeps the game fresh each time for nice longevity of the game. Several of the Game Night crowd had been requesting it since I borrowed it from the B-Bunch's game cabinet a while back, so I promised them I'd have it by this week. It's a HIT!

Next up is SuperFight, where you use randomly chosen cards to create the best 'fighter' you can, out of things that range from "Your Mom" to "Chuck Norris" to "A Class of Kindergartners" and with powers like "100 stories tall" or "Superglue fire hose" to "in a potato sack". Oh goodness...the arguing, the laughter, the FUN!! I got a good deal, so I have the base game, and 5 different expansions that add things like locations, scenarios, geeky references, and a such. Just reading the rules is hilarious. (See above) This was also a huge hit this week.

I'm sure there are people that find it outrageous the money we drop on games around here, and I suppose I understand that since games are pricey. However, a few things. I can drop $75 on a night at the movies, or even a nice restaurant, or on fancy clothes...but games bring the family together. Even if we only play these games 5 times, that is FIVE TIMES that my family and/or friends came together and made happy memories. (In other news, in the 4 days that I've owed these two games they've both already been played more than that. Just sayin') Also, I always shop around a bit and make sure I'm getting the best deal I can. I got a steal on both of these and spent less than $50 total, including shipping. SCORE!

What's new on your game tables?

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