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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Coming Soon! The 100 Happy Days Challenge

Hi friends! I'm wanting to document some happiness around here. Life is sometimes hard, and often feels rather uphill-both-ways-in-neck-deep-snow blah blah blah. So to combat that feeling, I've decided to join the 100 Happy Days Challenge. Starting on May 30th (the day after Memorial Day) I will be doing the challenge. It's a great way to focus on the positive in our lives by noticing something that makes us happy each day for 100 days.

I chose May 30th, because to me, summer starts then. Memorial Day is official kick off weekend of summer. So from May 30 until a few days after Labor Day, I shall be documenting something that made me happy that day. I'll be posting on FB and also here. I'll be using the hashtags #100HappyDays, #100DaysOfSummer and possibly #TheManCrew as well.

If you want to play along, and I hope you do, you can join the challenge by heading to www.100happydays.com and signing up. You can choose your start date, your favorite platform for posting pics, and even choose a custom hashtag if #100HappyDays doesn't suit your fancy. Hope to see you there and here!

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