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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#100HappyDays: Day 1

 The #100HappyDays Challenge starts now! From today until just after Labor Day, some friends and I joined the #100HappyDays Challenge to remind us to look for the good in each day. The blessing. The positive. The laughter. It's also a sweet way to document summer fun. My photos will be a mix of what things make the family happy and what makes me personally happy. I started with me. Hope that's OK.
Hercules fixed my star lights on the back porch, which to most people is a really little thing. But I just adore them and was so sad when they slowly went out last summer. Dan went to the store and got replacements and then he and David fixed them. I just spent some time sitting on the back porch enjoying their merry twinkle in the middle of a rain storm. Glorious.
Day 1: Twinkle lights
If you like this challenge, head over to www.100happydays.com to sign up. You can choose a start date, your favorite photo posting platform and even a custom hashtag if you want to be more original. Do it, you might just decide you love it.

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