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Monday, December 29, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

Wow, this is the last one of the year...when did that happen?? Sorry if this one is a bit sentimental. ; )

FOR TODAY...December 29, 2008

Outside my window...I see my mother who is almost 61, playing in the backyard with the boys....if she thinks no one is looking, she might climb up on the new trampoline...LOL!

I am thinking...that each year seems to fly by faster and faster, leaving less time for reflection, prayer, reading, playing, and family time

I am thankful for...my boys who grow bigger each day and soon will be grown and gone

From the learning rooms...it's still Christmas break, but we have made many batches of cookies, played many games (some educational and some not...LOL) watched some movies and spent many happy hours visitng with the grandparents

From the kitchen...I smell lovely oatmeal choc chip cookies coming out of the oven and for dinner, BLTs on multigrain bread with spring mix for the lettuce...won't Jodi be thrilled??

I am wearing...jean capris, a t shirt, monkey socks and my hair in a bun....so frumpy I've become...that's a new year's resolution...hee hee

I am creating...thanks you notes, resolutions, and craziness...ha ha

I am going...no where for the next few days...just trying to soak up as much of my parents as I can

I am reading...the Bible, Humor for a Sister's Heart and That's Not My Monkey

I am hoping...to make more time in my schedule for playing and reading with my kiddos, restarting date night, and better eating this year than last...baby steps!!

I am hearing...my great niece, hollering, dogs barking, the humidifier puffing, happy kids on the trampoline and the oven timer beeping saying that the cookies are done.

Around the house...we are getting ready to take down the holiday decorations, unpacking Jodi's stuff from the truck and still finding homes for all the new Christmas things. Anybody know how to work an Ipod??

One of my favorite things...parents who love me!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Nothing but hanging out...then getting back on our routines after visitors departure...sigh***

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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The Ruoss Crew said...

You should ask Kermit of Jake about the iPod. They both have one. Jake got his for Christmas and was thrilled. He never expected it since we don't typically by that type of gift. We really missed you this holiday. I know life is happy and bright in Las Cruces, but Lake Villa is a lonely place without you here : (

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