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Monday, December 8, 2008


Greetings from Sunny, Warm New Mexico! The ave. temp thses days is still in the high 60s-to low 70s. I have to stay inside if I want to feel Christmas-y...LOL~ The tree is up, the stockings are hung, the gifts are wrapped and under the tree, a few of the Christmas goodie boxes have been sent, it's getting to be that time of year. Where has this year gone? It's just flown by for us here. Karen has moved twice..Jodi and family have moved here, Josh graduated from High School (SO PROUD) I'm working at a 'real job,' we are still homeschooling and having our best year ever, all the boys are getting soooo big that it occured to Dan just the other day that in 5 years, David will be DRIVING...he almost ran the car off the road...ha ha! I was checking off my goals for this year just this very morning and we've accomplished about 85% of our yearly goals..not too bad in my opinion! Anywho, that was all very random, wasn't it? I got interrupted so now I'll take off in a new direction.

This week was full of exciting happenings. Game Night was, as always, lots of fun. Karen is staying longer these days and visiting. Dan and Charlie are getting to be such good friends, its so fun to see them interact. Charlie is going to make my birthday dinner next week on game night...yeah! Chicken Cordon Bleu, Corn on the cob and a fresh green salad...my mouth is watering already! Work is kicking my behind as we are working later and later to hang up the signs for the holiday sales to bring in the customers. Over theweekend, we got new carpet in the LR and Girl room...it looks so great and is so fluffy and padded! Now we aren't worried about laying Titus down to play or to have the boys snuggling on the floor. I will add some pics of it in a minute. We are getting the 3 bedrooms done this coming Saturday....can't wait! I have started my Christmas baking and remembered that I am actually good at it and that I ENJOY it! In all of our shuffling around of things this weekend, I have found some things that I was looking for and some I wasn't, but I DID find a picture to motivate me to lose some weight. I forgot that I was ever that thin...if I can get the printer to scan it, I'll post it also.

Jodi's handbell choir is starting thier performances next week, signalling the REAL start of the holiday rush...I'm not quite ready yet. I have a few more things to send, more to wrap and just a thing or two to buy still. But I have enjoyed this year so much more than other recent ones since Dana nd I are in such a differnt place in our relationship. We were just talking last night with Charlie about how glad we are that we are here and that after several hard raps to the head from God, we finally followed his leading us here. ; ) Anywho, enough rambling for today..thanks for reading this. If you want, join my followers and you will be alerted everytime I write a new blog...at least that how I THINK it works. I'm going to post a few pictures, then I'm off to teach school, put babies down for naps, and do some more baking...fudge, anyone??



Look at the difference....it's the SAME exact carpet!!

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