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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I got an AWARD....thanks Deanna!

Look at me!! I got the Kreativ Blogger Award from my pal over on Cafemom, Deanna! Thanks Deanna....sometimes I labor over this thing and fuss about what to include, what to skip over, what to share and how to share it...then I wonder if anyone reads it besides me...LOL! But even if no one else does, it's a great way to review my life as it unfolds and I really like that. So thanks for the encouragement to keep going, D! Doesn't everyone need a bit of encouragement once in a while? So, now I shall redouble my efforts to make this great...happy reading everyone!

Hugs Around While Grace Abounds,



The Ruoss Crew said...

Never doubt it...I read your blog regularly...I just don't always comment.

The Man Crew said...

Thanks Candy...I've really come to a place where I enjoy it so much, I would keep on even if I am the only one who ever read it. Thanks for letting me know that you enjoy it though! Miss you guys!

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