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Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's the Little Things

I've discovered as I make this journey through life that it's not the HUGE things that make or break your day, week, month or LIFE...it's the little things. So in celebration of the little things, list a few things that made your day, week, month or life sweeter or brighter.

  • I love, Love, LOVE making yogurt! I know that it's something really simple, but I've got a batch making right now and I'm already looking forward to my morning smoothie with fresh made yogurt in it.

  • Dan is sitting behind me repairing his motorcycle...and I'm thankful for a man that is willing to put in some hours to save us some money, especially since that's more important than ever with Dan out of work *winks*

  • My Sister-Girl Karen brought over lunch today and then did the dishes so Dan and I could spend some time together tonight...is she great or what?

  • Charlie is here keeping Dan company while he works so hard on this engine...and that's a good thing since between the kids, the house, the phone and other such things, I tend to get distracted and wander off...oops! So, great friends are a blessing to all of us.

  • We went to a different church this morning and it was almost like going to our home church in IL...in fact, during their special music I was almost overwhelmed by a wave of homesickness for "OUR" church...but it reminded me to be grateful for such a great church family...they are IMPOSSIBLE to replace.

  • Having Dan home is forcing me to re-evaluate our schedule yet again...and to be more accountable for how I'm spending my days. And that's never a bad thing, although it certainly can be a humbling thing...eek!

  • Last weekend, our dear friends each took a child and allowed Dan and I almost 24 hours of child free life...what an adventure we had! It was great to remember what it was like to get gussied up for a date and look forward to heading out on the town together. Thanks you guys!

  • Wow, I'm kinda gushing here, aren't I?? Sorry, just feeling blessed beyond measure today, and that's what this post is all about, right?!?

I like the idea of this kind of post. If you do too, then post YOUR little things. I'm making it a goal to be more positive this year, join me!



The Ruoss Crew said...

What made you go to a new church?

The Man Crew said...

Candy...mostly boredom. We've been going to that church pretty regulary for 2 years now and we still don't know anyone! Dan doesn't want to participate in Sunday School, small groups or anything like that, so in a church of 800-ish, we are just lost in the crowd. We haven't been more than 2x since Christmas...and it's just TIME to do something different. Dan has been less interested in the past few months, (tired mostly since he's been working 60 hours a week)and I don't want to be going by myself again, but I can't NOT go to church, nor can I continue to go where I'm not being fed, don't know anyone and when I don't show up for 3 months, no one notices. SO, we tried this new place. Dan thought it was OK, so we will probably try it again. I don't know (sigh) it was just time for a change. Pray for us!

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