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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catchin' Up with Us MeYeR's

Hey, there...one and all! It's been a week! Ups, downs, travelling, working, and schooling...just WOW!
First things first...Dan is working again!! Praise the LORD! It was for this week and this coming week and that's it, but we'll take it, with pleasure! He left Monday at 2 Am and arrived home about 11:30 pm Thursday night, having 45 hours in the middle. PHEW!
In the meantime, the boys and I were on our own. So we thought long and hard about going gangbusters on getting back to our regular schedule, whatever THAT is these days...and then just made a mess of it.
~Monday I decided that we were taking the day off because we just ran ALL last weekend...work, work, work, no fun, no relaxing, no family time. So we hung out all morning and watched movies all afternoon. No school, no chores, just chillin'! It was really nice!!
~Tuesday, I felt terrible with a pounding headache all day that would NOT ease up, so I left the boys in charge of each other and spent most of the day in bed. So obviously nothing got done that day either. David went to gymnastics practice and Lauren came over to watch the boys while I staggered off to work, bolstered by a handful of Ibuprofen and an iced coffee. Lauren and Josh kept the boys overnight and I was left completely ALONE in the house, with strict orders to sleep in and do NO HOUSEWORK, a charge I took seriously and by the time the boys were brought back, I had read an ENTIRE book! I sure do love mornings like that!
~Wednesday, I felt better so after Lauren brought the boys home, we did a bit of school and some house chores, then we had a picnic at the park and I went back to work. Karen watched the boys and it was an early night so we had a chance to visit. : )
~Thursday, we spent the whole morning cleaning and then the afternoon wasting time goofing off and such. We also spent some serious time reading. David went to the gym again, and then I went back to work, again! PHEW : ) Dan got back about 11:30, Lauren picked him up and I arrived home about midnight. It was so good to see him again, I sure did MISS him!
~Friday, Dan fought with unemployment AGAIN, and then he went to do some work for a friend while the boys and I put the house back together. Then, of course, we had pizza and games, but since we hadn't been sure if Dan would be home or not, we had cancelled game night. A few people knew he was back in town so we ended up having a few people over, and we had a good time.
~Today is Saturday...and Dan took Josh to a Union meeting, P and DT went to Tracy's for the morning, Dave and I went to the gym and worked. Now we are relaxing at home, waiting for Dan to arrive home from working at another friend's house. I'm writing this, then eating dinner, then catching up on a few bloggy friends and then I'm out the door to work again.
It's been a busy, full week, although not in the way we are used to around here. Anywho, it was a good week, all in all. Thanks for sharing in it with us!
Kristy and the Man Crew

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