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Monday, March 15, 2010

Catchin' Up with Us MeYeR's

Well, so much for regular updates...life has been so full of craziness the past few weeks...just NUTS! As of early this morning (3AM) Dan is back at work, thank you LORD...so hopefully, our life will resume some sense of order. Which will hopefully translate into more regular blog updates. Sorry about the gaps, I'll just keep trying to get back on track. Just some bullet journalling to keep you up to date while I try to find my mind OR my schedule. I hope that finding ONE will lead me to the other : )
  • As previously mentioned, Dan is back at work, but probably only for 2 weeks. He's away again, but it's work, so we aren't complaining : )
  • I am working 4 nights this week, like I did last week...so by week's end, I should be about ready to collapse...yeah me!
  • School was a bit topsy turvy last week with Dan's comings and goings, Jodi ending up caught up in things and not making T or TH for combined classes, so we focused on reading some classics and keeping up with our 3 Rs...Pat REQUESTED more copy work and I'm anxiously awaiting Dan's first paycheck so I can order and print out the book that Pat asked for. It happened over a week ago and I'm STILL in shock about it...LOL!
  • Today, we spent the day watching movies and just relaxing. The past weekend was hectic and we just RAN, all weekend it seemed. Friday was game night and we had a great time, and company stayed until after midnight...then I had to be at work by 9am at the gym, then a quick respite at home and then a long night at Kohl's. TIME CHANGE, grr....then church on Sunday. Dan was notified that he was leaving for work in the EARLY AM (YEAH!!) Karen and Ty came to work out and visit, then Jodi came to visit, a quick trip to the grocery store, then Lauren over to hang out, dinner, baking cookies and eating cookie dough, Josh came over after work and we played games for a while. Then up at 2AM to take Dan to his drop off site...phew! No wonder I'm wiped out.
  • Most of last week is a blur of exhaustion, trying to stay one step ahead of Dan and his comings and goings with working the side job and trying to fix the motorcycle yet again and trying to keep the house clean with all the coming and going. The boys were good most of the week and enjoyed the nice weather to score some extra outdoor time for their playing hours.
  • I didn't take a single picture this week...or last. I can't remember the last time that has happened. WEIRD!
  • Anywho, this was supposed to be brief, so I'm off to tuck in some little boys before I head to the couch to catch up on House episodes and HOPEFULLY have enough energy to watch 'Julie and Julia' before I crash out.
  • Ooh, I just remembered. I hate sleeping alone...BOO!

Have a great week everyone!


Kristy and the Man Crew

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