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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Few Fun Pics

For those of you on FB, these may be a bit redundant, but they are so cute, I just HAVE to share them here as well! Dan is trying out a new whisker configuration and it just has me tickled.
Dan is now wearing an old school 'Fu-Man-Choo' style...makes me giggle athough he manages to pull it off. He's enjoying the attention he's getting over it...ha ha ha!
David has hit the 'I'm almost a teen, don't take my picture ever again' stage...sigh! I wouldn't normally bother to post a picture like this, but I may not get a decent picture of him until he's 20- so this will have to do for now : )

Pat, has obviously NOT hit that stage and rushed the camera while I was trying to take his picture. Who wants to help me count those freckles??

That's it for now...just wanted to put those up for your viewing pleasure. ENJOY!!


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