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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life~Day 6

Hello again, friends! I know, I know~ 2 blogs in one day, what ARE you going to do with yourselves? Ha ha ha! As stated in the last blog post, I goofed up and got off track with my daily challenges, so I am playing a bit of catch up. Today's post from 'serving joyfully' is found here http://www.servingjoyfully.com/2012/11/06/discipline-day-6-realistic/  and it's a good one. Discouragement can get the best of us when we are having an 'off day' as everyone does now and then. The important part is to get back up, stop beating YOURSELF UP (as the world is glad enough to do that for you) and move on.
Today's challenges are all about Being Realistic and since this is something that I struggle with, it's especially poignant today. Join me!
Assignment 1: Continue with Small Habit: Up and out for a walk in the sunshine as soon as Dan left this morning. I'm glad I picked this one. Gotta make this habit STICK!
Assignment 2: Continue with Life Hack:Hello, shiny kitchen! Lovely
Assignment 3: Mega-Project step 6:
Today's goal is to list things on Freecycle to make a little room in the garage. I need to tumble a few pieces of clothing that have gotten dusty, snap a few pics and get them up there. Don't want to fall behind. I'll update when I have it all accomplished for the day. :)
UPDATE: Got everything posted on Freecycle and even have a few 'takers' already. Bye bye stuff, go bless someone else's house!
It's still not too late to join the party. Check it out over here http://www.servingjoyfully.com/2012/10/30/21-day-self-discipline-challenge-kick-off-link-up-here/

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