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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life~ Day 5

Well, apparently, I goofed (more likely had a computer glitch) yesterday when I said we weren't doing Sundays. So now I'm scrambling a bit to catch back up. Today there will be 2 posts, one from yesterday's challenge (that I thought was today's) and up next will be today's. If you are interested in reading the day 5 challenge post, it can be found here. http://www.servingjoyfully.com/2012/11/05/discipline-day-5-anticipating-obstacles/
So our challenges for day 5 are/were:
Assignment 1: Continue with Small Habit:
Got my walk done in the early morning sunshine today. Felt good. I can even do walking lunges without being sore for 2 days now. Guess that means it's time to dig out the hand weights :)
Assignment 2: Continue with Life Hack:Woke up to a clean and shiny kitchen today. LOVE it! Makes it much easier to prepare a nice breakfast for myself and the boys when it's not a cluttery mess. Also really aids in getting Dan out the door with his lunch in a timely fashion.
Assignment 3: Mega-Project step 5:
Well, to be honest, now that I need to re-arrange my 21 steps list again due to the misunderstanding, I am not sure if I've done this step or not. I will check my list, re-order and then post an update later. Isn't that what we are learning about today? LOL, the obstacle being that I thought we weren't working on Sundays and now I'm behind, but since I was ahead, I might not actually be behind. Ooo, brain cramp. I'll check my list and let you know!
UPDATE: Just checked the list and I'm pleased to announce that I'm still on schedule. Yesterday's task was to start an e-Bay selling shelf in the garage to place all the items we want to sell. I have a nice clean shelf just waiting to be used once I start digging through boxes. Yippy for not letting that obstacle get the best of me!
Play along and join us over at www.servingjoyfully.com if you want. It's not too late :)

1 comment:

Crystal @ Serving Joyfully said...

Kristy, so sorry to have caused confusion! I'm glad it worked out, but honestly don't stress about it. It sounds like you're doing great!

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