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Friday, November 2, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life~ Day 2

Hi there, it's day 2 of the challenge to be more disciplined. Today's topic is that discipline is a process and not something that magically happens overnight with LIFE ALTERING results. (If only, right?) So today we have 2 small assignments.
1. Pick one small task, do and commit to the follow through
~I need to get back to my daily walking as I've been rather lackluster about it now that it's getting cooler overnight. It's so nice to just crawl back under the covers once Dan is gone for the day. Or worse, go straight to the computer and spend far too much time on it. If I get up, go walking and get GOING, I am so much more motivated by the 'extra' time I have and use it for a much better purpose than staring mindlessly at the screen. So, I'm committing to walking all 5 of the weekdays.
2. Do step 2 of the MEGA project
~Yesterday I went into the back room, stood there and just acknowledged the huge mess that it is. I took a picture and shared it, and also counted the boxes as best I could. (45 boxes~ ouch) Today's project is to set up an e-Bay mailing shelf in the closet so that as I sell things, I don't have to be digging through piles of junk to find a box, bubble wrap, or the scale. I've got one started in there, but alas, never followed through with it. So, since I intend to sell a good amount of things over the next month or two, I need to be set up for that.
If you want to join in, here is today's post at Serving Joyfully http://www.servingjoyfully.com/2012/11/02/day-2-self-discipline-is-a-process/
There you will find links about Crystal's book that inspired the challenge, and links to the sign up page and the daily challenges. ENJOY

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