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Sunday, November 11, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life~ Day 9

Today's focus is to break our goals into manageable piece, small steps, attainable mini-goals. This is a great plan, and one that I struggle with. I LOVE to just dig into a project with both hands, all my gusto and boundless enthusiasm. However, I often fall on my face a few days later since I'm exhausted and the rest of my life is a mess. Sooooo, I guess I'm in the right place and in good company. :) This challenge is so wonderful for me, even though the past day or two hasn't gone very well. Here we go:
Assignment 1: Small Habit (go for a walk as soon as Dan leaves for work on the weekdays)Goodness, another day that I didn't get it done. Dan had the day off, so we slept in and then hit the ground running since we had company coming.
Assignment 2: Continue with Life Hack
Terrible. It was game night and by the time everyone was gone, I was too tired to care that the kitchen was a mess of leftover veggie trays, empty soda cans, half filled glasses and chip crumbs. *ugh*
Assignment 3: Mega-Project:Never even went in there again today, but I'm thinking I'll have time on Saturday. Here's to hoping I can make it happen tomorrow. Today's assignment was to be digging through 3 boxes and either getting rid of things, setting them aside for eBay/Freecycle or packing them carefully to be taken into the garage. That was yesterday's assignment as well, so I am now 6 boxes 'behind'. A tad discouraging, but like I said, tomorrow is another chance.
Thanks friends for enjoying the journey with me. Here's a link to getting started if you are interested.
     Blessings, ~K~

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