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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joy-FULL February 2011 ~Day 5

Today's post is quite simple to understand, but difficult to implement sometimes. Something that brings me JOY is silence. In a house FULL of rowdy boys, fish pump filters, electronic labor saving devices, and surround sound speakers, silence can be difficult to come by, and even more difficult than finding some is taking the time to enJOY it, allowing it to seep into my soul. Letting it fill in the quiet parts in my heart, quiet my restless thoughts and random ideas, allowing my thoughts to drift toward the Savior ...*sigh* It's good! That's all for today. Take some time and enJOY some silence if you can find any.

Shhhhhh, ~K~

1 comment:

Danielle Leigh said...

I love quiet! I love it when everyone is asleep or gone, and the house is quiet and still besides the electronics you can hear running. Or the silence outside while it is snowing. I crave silence and quiet!

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