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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Joy-FULL February 2011 ~Day 16/Simple Woman's Daybook

Here's is another Simple Woman's Daybook entry. LOVE, love, LOVE these posts, and how they insist that I slow down, think coherently, and organize my feelings into word pictures. Here we go.
For Today...February 23, 2011
Outside my window... the sun shines bleakly through the thick clouds that are so rare here. It is breezy and cool. Although cool is relative, of course : ) Dan still rode his motorcycle to work.
I am thinking...That I'm glad I gave myself today 'off' I've been busy all day, I can't imagine how I would be feeling if I hadn't been a slacker today, HA!
I am thankful...for boys that have played so nicely together today. Playing imaginative games, helping one another out with chores and school, and coloring all together. It is sweet! I'm also thankful for filed taxes and the anticipation of getting our money back soon. Does that make me shallow?? I sure hope not!
From the learning rooms...today, very little. Just a math and spelling lesson. Usually, we get much more accomplished, but that's why we needed a break today, so we could get to those other things that pile up when we aren't looking.
From the kitchen...nothing yet. Dinner is Steak Fajitas. YUM~O! Other meals this week include ham and bean soup, lasagna, pizza, a popcorn and veggie tray night and to my everlasting shame, beanies and weanies. BLECK, but the boys love them, so I am allowing them their disgusting treat. I'll have salad! LOL!
I am wearing...jeans and a layered t-shirt, along with bare feet and ridiculously SHORT french braid. I still feel a bit bald after this month's donation of hair.
I am creating...sassy new hairdos, mended jeans, creative boys and a happy hubby. And less mess due to still unpacking boxes here and there that keep appearing.
I am going...to work later this evening, running the Mama taxi later this week, and taking a trip to the library, too.
I am reading...a fabulous book that breaks down the constitution into little phrases and makes it understandable. If you've ever wanted to really get INTO the constitution, read this book.
I am hoping... that Dan has a wonderful birthday on Friday, and that school continues to roll along in the smooth fashion that is has been for the past few weeks!
I am hearing... Dan's router buzzing in the garage as he creates cutting boards for friends, D and DT playing video games together, and Patrick sighing loudly over having to use the dictionary to finish his spelling lesson. Outside I can hear Shadow barking at the Fed Ex truck as it rumbles past, and the cars driving in and out of the neighborhood. All nice, homey sounds, well except for the router, it's noisy, LOL!
Around the house... a load of laundry waits to be folded (as always) dinner is about to get started and the WHOLE house could use a good dusting. But, pictures are up on the walls, the floors and counters are clean, as well as the bathrooms, and I know where all the library book are for once : )
A few plans for the rest of the week...Dan's, my Mom's and Lily's birthdays this week, GAME NIGHT returns after cancelling last week for a road trip, work, work and more work for Dan and I both, and homeschool just keeps rolling on. Oh and James and T will be over tonight and Friday so Jodi can tutor. A nice full week.
A picture thought I am sharing with you...
A few of my wild hooligans that I can family. Dan and Derek during the gymnastics meet on Saturday in Phoenix. And David working on his handstand press.

This post is brought to you by The Simple Woman over at her site, appropriately named http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ Check her out!


Kayla said...

Thanks for sharing this! I love the insights into other people's days/minds! Now, slow down, girlie!!!

Kimberly said...

3 birthdays and a game night! w00t!!
I bet your short french braid is cute!

I have some catching up to do here, it looks like:

FYI- my recent blog is linked to a "THINKGREEN" blog hop- if you're interested...


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