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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joy-FULL February 2011~ Day 2

As I sit here in the middle of 'Snow-maggedon 2011' I had time to look through some old pictures that Dan and I found while clearing the garage. Oh my, the good time I've had today remembering how incredibly cute the boys were when they were little, how silly Dan and I were when we first met, and how many crazy things I've done over the years with my sisters. Someone remind me later in the month to tell Jodi's Bat story, now THAT brings me some joy!
Anywho, since I enJOYed the pictures so much, I thought I'd share some with you. Now if I could just get my scanner to work, all would be well. I'm updating my software in between power outages. (We've had 5 today thanks to El Paso Electric's 2 down power plants. Have I mentioned how glad I am that Dan and I recently bought a generator??) So to bring some joy back into my life this month, I'm going to dig through pictures each week. And as I find some truly great ones, I'll share them : )

PS> Can't seem to get the scanner to work right now, and I want to get this posted before we lose power again, so here goes. When I have a steady power source and can fight with the scanner more, I'll post the pics I am talking about. Love to all! ~K~

PPS: Given enough time, power and a little help from the tech guys, I can have VICTORY! Here are a few I found today~
Oh my word, what a cute baby Derek was, even if 'Shua called him "Chubby-Blubby"

What a handsome man Dan is, Am I lucky or WHAT? Actually, I'm blessed, but that's a whole other blog post

'Shua may have called him names, but he loves that baby!

Pat with his "I'm trying to be good' face. LOVE it!

Dan with baby David all bundled up for some winter blizzard in IL
Awwww, aren't we cute? Right after we started dating, I came down with the flu and Dan came to visit me.

How many brides show up looking like this? A veil masking a french twist, a shirt bought at my favorite store (Ex-Boyfriend Apparel) bike shorts and hiking boots. I'm surprised no one tried to talk Dan out of marrying me : )

Oh my, Sisters are just the best invention ever, aren't they?? Here we are in MOST of our radiant glory.

Dan is doing his creepy stare into the camera thing, but other than that, I just LOVE this pic. D and P were so cute and sweet in this one. Ahh, good times!

L Bar C Youth for Christ Camp, 1991 I think. This is the vast majority of the group of boys we called "the Stud Squad" at t he time. They were not photogenic or cooperative : ) LOL~


BeanIrene said...

So now I am wondering exactly how many years you have been married?? I always thought I knew, and now I don't think I am right! ahaha

I LOVED these photos...adored them is more like. And the pre-wedding photo, that was awesome!!

Kimberly said...

AWWW!! what awesome, fun, joyful pictures!!!

thanks for sharing!

Kayla said...

Too funny! It is great to get a glimpse of your life in the past. The Dan creepy stare thing reminds me of "smizing" it is amodel trick where you smile - with just your eyes! Love the babies and you on your wedding day! I want to know where the Stud Squad is now and how proud they are of their fingers up their noses!!!

The Man Crew said...

Tawny, Dan and I have been married for 14.5 years. : ) What did you see that made you wonder? The fact that he doesn't look ANY older? I know, it's totally NOT fair! LOL

The Man Crew said...

Kim, thanks! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed digging through those pictures.

The Man Crew said...

Kayla, I think the stud squad is mostly scattered to the 4 winds these days. The first 2 from the left, I've completely lost track of. The 3rd one is married to a friend of mine in IL and isn't embarrassed of that pic at ALL. Number 4 is married with kids, I think. The guy in the front wasn't part of the stud squad, but jumped into the picture at the last second. The (not pictured) 'Leader' of the stud squad was my boyfriend at the time, and he and his wife live in SC and are expecting thier first baby this July. He is GLAD he wasn't it this picture and I assure you, he was WAY too dignified to stick his finger in his nose for a funny picture oppotrunity. His mother would have had him drawn and quartered. : )See More

Danielle Leigh said...

Great pictures! I love them all! It's so great to be with you while you reminisce. I think my favorite is all of the sisters together. Love the joy on your faces and the love that you have for each other!

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