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Monday, February 8, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook~Guest post

GUEST POST! Dan isn't feeling that well and took the day off of work and is sitting right here beside me so I'm going to pick a MAN'S brain for today's post. Hope that's ok...LOL~
For today... February 8, 2010
Outside my window... cold and dark, but it's not that cold, actually not that bad out there.
I am thinking... what? I wish I could get my Skype account to work right.
I am thankful... to be still working.
I am wearing... work clothes
I am remembering... that I'm still tired...I don't know
I am going... nowhere right now
I am currently reading... (Dan does NOT like to read)
I am hoping... that it starts getting warmer
On my mind... still working on the Skype
Noticing that... I'm not getting anywhere...LOL
Pondering these words... *sigh* (I'm officially driving him crazy now...ha ha ha
From the kitchen... nothing??
From the learning rooms... hopefully learning something (thank you for that super specific answer, Mr Meyer)
Around the house... Yawn
One of my favorite things... (rolls eyes) MY WIFE!
From my picture journal... And here he is, the Man of the Hour! My hubby, Dan : )

If you enjoyed this post and want to read others like it, visit Miss Peggy's site over at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ Have a wonderful week!


One More Equals Four said...

Yep, sounds like a man! Too funny! Glad you got to enjoy the day with him! :)

Ann said...

That was fun! Maybe I'll have my husband do a daybook post one week! :) Hope Dan feels better soon.

Robin said...

What a good sport. Have a blessed week!

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