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Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's the Little Things

I've discovered as I make this journey through life that it's not the HUGE things that make or break your day, week, month or LIFE...it's the little things. So in celebration of the little things, list a few things that made your day, week, month or life sweeter or brighter.
  • I successfully made a trip to the El Paso Airport without anything exciting happening...LOL!
  • Although we did not have a regular school week because of Alec's visit here, we DID do something educational each day, and that's something I'm proud of : )
  • I finally got those fun games that I've been trying to get for weeks! Fluxx, Martian Fluxx, and I ordered Nano-Fictionary since they didn't have it in stock.
  • It's Dan's birthday...and although as we age, birthdays aren't as important as they used to be, they are still special days to remember how much we love someone.
  • Derek learned to pump his own swing this week...it's a bittersweet feeling. So big and still so small. : )
  • My parents will be home from Ohio soon and they will be able to start using the computer she got for her birthday...can't WAIT!!

I like the idea of this kind of post. If you do too, then post YOUR little things. I'm making it a goal to be more positive this year, join me!


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