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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook...better late than never edition, HA!

For today... Feb 1st...a day late, oops!
Outside my window...it is pitch black and chilly, but since it's the middle of the night, I guess that's OK
I am thinking...that I really should be getting to bed, 4 am comes awfully fast if you don't go to bed until after 1
I am thankful for... a chance to sleep in from time to time, like today : )
I am wearing...my work clothes since I just returned from an evening at Kohls
I am remembering...that getting up at 4 am with the hubbs is my privilege, and not a chore.
I am going... on a nature walk with the boys and some good friends tomorrow...hurray!
I am reading...Lies Women Believe by Nancy DeMoss, and Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Higgs A MUST READ for anyone who thinks the Bible is made up of prissy perfect women...LOL!
I am hoping...that I can keep up with this new schedule, it's a challenge, but in a good way
On my mind...the gracefulness of God who loves us even as we are, filthy wretched sinners.
I am noticing...that I'm not as young as I used to be, not sure I'm happy about that, *sigh*
Pondering these words... "It's no easy thing to open yourself up to the tough world day after day. I would be so much easier to walk away. But what you bring is the love and concern this broken world needs. That's no small thing. In fact, It's everything." ~Quoted from a card sent to me by a sweet, sweet woman whom I love dearly. I feel so unworthy of her admiration and praise. Some days I WANT to just say forget everything and do what I want to do, but the Lord has bigger plans than just what I want to do. It's humbling.
From the kitchen... Many tasty morsels, but since it's late, I won't bore you with the details..LOL!
From the learning rooms...Not much yet this week, but MFW is tomorrow and the boys eagerly anticipate MFW lessons, it's so wonderful!
Around the house...We stayed on top of the house chores this weekend and after a few quick tidies here and there today, the house is looking pretty good, which is great considering we have many plans for the rest of the week.
One of my favorite things... time to blog without interruption, which would explain my writing this at 1 am...LOL!
From my picture journal... Err, I haven't loaded any pictures in a long time, let's see what I can dig up from our past!
LOL, look what I found... picture of our sweet Devin doing his Jug head imitation while wearing the Farkle crown at game night...Ha hahahahah!

If you enjoy the simple things in life and would like to take a peek into other ladies daybooks, visit Miss Peggy's site at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com See you there!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words ....
Your daybook is great and I loved what you said about the card sent by a friend. I had a similar experience recently and it was both encouraging and humbling at the same time.

I plan on posting the salsa recipe soon, so come visit again!

A Gracious Home said...

I read all of Nancy LaMoss's books. I love her teachings on her website. I enjoyed your daybook. Have a great day. Doylene

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