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Monday, April 30, 2012

A New 'Normal'

If you've been reading this blog for long, you KNOW that we just don't DO normal. It's sad, but true. In fact, we've started taking pride in the fact that we are the weirdest people we know. We are, in fact those crazy homeschooling people you always hear about, ha ha ha! David told me the other day that he needed a shirt that said, " My mom is the weirdest person on Earth." Oh dear. I hope they aren't permanently scarred. Anywho, all of that say that we are constantly in a state of chaos, travel, switching schedules, routines, and ever changing jobs and houses. Well that makes us sound unstable, doesn't it? I prefer to think of us as uber-flexible. *winks*
As I look into the future, I see us on a routine that allows for interruptions, emergencies or having unexpected company without throwing everything into a tailspin for the day. I found my old "Managers of Their Homes" schedule today and marvel that there was ever a time that we were that organized. Especially with 8 people in the house, including one infant. Slightly saddened as well that we've allowed ourselves to get so far from that good groove. I know, life changes, people change, circumstances change. However, I think I've been granting myself too much grace in certain areas. I've certainly not been being a very good steward of my time lately, spending too much time on FB, staring at the TV, and just frittering away time that could be used in a better fashion. Well, no more. Starting May 1st (that's tomorrow, people) Dan and I are starting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I WILL get my rear out of bed at a decent time, keep my house presentable, teach my boys each school day (even if we don't sit at the table 8 hours a day) cook a healthful family dinner for us to share, and greet my husband with joy and gladness when he arrives home. It's time to take responsibility for the time I spend, my attitude toward interruptions, delays and family emergencies that arise as part of daily life, and the example I set for my boys. Gym is over for the season. We have miles to go before getting out of school for the year (which is normal, we school all year anyway) so it's time to dig in and get to it. We are well settled in the new house and have no intentions of moving for a VERY long time. Dan is the only variable at this point, and I trust that he will be back at work soon. Until then, he can help by teaching shop class in the garage, take the boys on field trips, and by being the muscle behind my bossiness :)
So there it is, our new normal. Here I go....


Rhonda said...

Love it!
LOve your blog!
I need to do the same get back to a "Normal" whatever that is!
First week in May I have 3 commitments already! I pray this is not what May is going to be! (Busy,Busy, Busy)I'd like to take it somewhat slow and get M busy in school after her trip to New York State!
I pray May will be what you want it to be...back to normal!?
Blessings to you and yours!

Kayla said...

Best wishes on your new normal! Just keep a little of the quirky for us, will you? We are just finished up Financial Peace U. Some of it is basic stuff that we already knew - and some was new - but all of it really reminds you what is important and that being in debt is not what God intended for his children!

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