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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Desperately Seeking Susan?....or Something Like That

Sanity. Oh yes, that is what I'm looking for. I knew it was something that started with 'S'. ; )
~Goodness, it's been a busy spring. Moving, gymnastics meets, friends and family moving, parents coming and going. Working 3 jobs in addition to my 'regular' stuff. It's no wonder I'm overtired and grouchy. (oh no, I really AM grouchy, just ask the boys) I've even BOUGHT bread recently *hangs head in shame* I know that's funny to most of you, but to me, that is a huge red flag. I gave Dan the "I'm tired, I'm tired of being tired, I'm tired of being tired of being tired' speech and thankfully, he took it graciously. He promised me some time to MYSELF in the very near future, as soon as we can work it out. Have I ever mentioned how much I love him and the way that he looks out for me?
~In related news, I gave my 2 weeks notice at Kohl's *hurray, hurray, hurray* Not to imply that I haven't enjoyed my 4 years at Kohl's, but the reasons that it worked so well for our life no longer apply, I need more sleep that I used to apparently (I'm not 20 anymore, ya know) and if Dan ends up working out of town again in the near future, well, it's just not as good of a fit as it used to be. So, farewell Kohl's, I shall miss my discount for sure~ *winks* and the great people that I've worked with. The Ad Set team rocks. And that's all I have to say about that.
~Dan joined a gym yesterday so in no time at all he will be even more deserving of the nickname Hercules. He's so hunky! I think it's good stress release for him, and I suppose it should be more motivation for me to get my rear in shape. Maybe I will be able to get a work out in while he's at the gym, D is at his gym and the younger two play outside or watch a movie.
~In the good news department, a dear friend had twins yesterday. Two healthy girls. They didn't know it was twins and I am SO excited for her family!
~In the bad news department, another dear friend found out that she has thyroid cancer. Thankfully they caught it early and her prognosis is good. Please be in prayer for her and her family as well.
~We are loving, loving, loving the new house although I will say it feels strangely empty since Dad and Mom departed last weekend. We miss them already, and they miss the bathroom. HA! In that same vein, we have an empty bedroom that is attached to a great bathroom in case anyone wants to come visit. I'm just sayin' ; )
~I think that's all the news that is news for now. Thanks for reading and commenting.
Lost boys, I am really missing you all this week. Hugs from Mama K. I LOVE YOU
Blessings, ~K~

PS. I know this is a tad random, but just wanted to share whatever came to the top of my head. There it is...the flotsam and jetsam of my overworked brain : )

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