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Monday, April 2, 2012

A Day in the Life at the Man Crew House

Hey Everyone! In the interest of not going another 6-8 weeks without a post, I'm just popping by to say hi and Happy Monday. Today was a whirlwind of activity that looked a little like this.
6am: Up and At 'em. Dan off to work with a full belly and a tasty lunch packed.
7am: Back to bed just to warm my toes
8:30am: Oops, apparently I fell back to sleep. With 2 nights of 9+ hours of sleep under my belt, one would think this would not be a problem. However, since I average 5, the extra sleep was but a small dent in the deficit. :)
9am: Everyone except Dad is up, dressed, fed and started on their chore/school lists. Mom and I plan meals for the week, belatedly start making Easter dinner plans and review the contents of the freezer.
10:30am: Where did the morning go? Busy busy busy, and feels like I'm getting nothing done. Sit down to some concentrated school time with Derek.
11:30am: Time for lunch, which today consists of leftover chicken tacos, wahoo chili dip with nachos. Not bad for leftovers. Watched an educational movie about presidents 11-25. I learned a LOT. Kinda embarrassing. hee hee. Dinner in the crock pot and simmering away.
1pm: Back to school. D working on math, P working on grammar and then math, DT painting a picture, reading books with me and playing outside a bit.
2pm: Whoa, already? Time to be out the door for some errands, meeting Jodi early at the library for some shop talk, and being ready for tutoring. After a flurry of activity, I'm out the door. Paid the rent, picked up a Sonic Raspberry tea (during happy hour, of course) and headed to the library to turn in all the books we've neglected to turn in since the move.
3pm: Meet with Jodi, meet new tutor joining the crew, and set up for working with the kiddos. So far, all the kids I have only need 'supervision' not real tutoring, so I'm good with that. : )
3:30-5:30pm Tutor, supervise, remind them to work, nag nag nag, play Fluxx with them as the finish up. They all like it a lot.
5:30-6:30pm: I *intended* to get some things done while still at the library, but Negative Nancy (young adult librarian) decided to yak my ear off for quite some time, after my last kiddo got picked up late. So, didn't accomplish a THING there. Oh well
6:30pm: Head for home, eat dinner, prepare to go pick up David from gym. Grma to the rescue, and went to pick him up. HURRAY!
8pm: Settled on the couch next to hubby, adding pics to old blog entries, digging through old emails looking for a link to a 'how-to' blog post about making your own liquid soap, and just enjoying a few minutes of downtime.
8:45pm David back with Grma, along with groceries and a new pool stick. : ) He's testing it right now.
Rest of the evening *should* look a little like this...
9pm: Kiddos to bed
10pm: Another early night for us old fogies. Sounds good to this tired mama. Good night everyone!

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